Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 Hours - Day 28

This is an easy I am thankful for the 7 straight hours that Colten slept last night! Now, I only got to sleep 6 of those since I went to bed a little late, but it was really nice to not have to schlep down the hall at 2 or 3 in the morning to put a little boy back to bed. :-)

While 6am came early this morning, I wasn't as tired as I usually am (even while sick!). I wasn't the least bit disappointed when I couldn't get Colten to cuddle on my chest for just a little bit longer and it was fun to see him check out the fully decorated Christmas tree for the very first time. He was just in awe of this sparkly thing in the middle of our living room with toys hung all over it!

Oh, and one more thing I am thankful for...going to the grocery store WITHOUT kids! I don't enjoy going in the first place, but taking kids is even worse. So, it goes so much better when I can get away during Colten's nap and leave them both back with Brian. I made better choices and can get through the aisles without any extra stuff because a certain 4 year old just HAD to have it!

I think that this post shows that the little things make a big difference for me. :-)

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