Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 9 - Thankful (plus Epcot)

I figured that there would be at least one or two days when I would struggle to find something I am thankful for. Today is SORT OF like that. I'll explain in the end.

We woke up and Austin still had a LOW grade fever, but was all over the place and talking like normal. He still didn't look 100%, but we figured he just had a cold and that sometimes, those cold bugs were just hard to get over. He wanted to go to Epcot and since he was feeling so good, we went ahead and decided to go and then see how he feels at the park and either stay the day or go back if he starts feeling bad again.

We get to Epcot, met our good friends, the Dyer's, and stand in line to enter the park. When the park opened, we made our way (by mistake) to Test Track. We thought Soarin' was over in the same area, but were wrong. We decided to just do Test Track (those who wanted to) and then head over to Soarin' after that. Austin had been looking forward to so many rides and Test Track was one of them. However, when we got there, the noise was just really loud and he said he didn't want to go. We talked him into walking up to the ride with us and then deciding then. He looked at the car you ride in and decided to try it. It was a fun ride...but the sounds were loud and the car jerked at times and Austin didn't like it as much as he thought he would.

In the end, he went and told Yaya and Jill, "I did it, but I was freaking out!"

After Test Track, we went and got Fast Passes to Soarin', rode a neat Boat ride that showed how Disney was experimenting with crops and, then made our way to the Finding Nemo ride. The kids LOVED this...even Colten. We looked at all the aquariums and had the kids climb up into a shark for a picture (not a real one, of course!) and then went back to Soarin'.

I think Soarin' was Austin's favorite ride today. He and Brian got to ride it twice since we used the Parent Swap (I stayed with Colten the first time they rode it with Yaya and Bobo).

After Soarin', we went to our reservations at Coral Reef Restaurant. This is where finding something to be thankful for got really hard! Austin wilted pretty dramatically once we were at the restaurant. The more we were there, the worse he felt. We took him and Colten back to the resort while Yaya and Bobo got some alone time. We thought that maybe if Austin took a nap, he'd feel better and be back to normal in no time. We were wrong.

After a 4 hour nap, and a trip to a pediatric urgent care center, we found out that Austin has the flu. We have no clue if it's the regular flu or H1N1. They don't test for the strain anymore since H1N1 is so rampant now. Needless to say, he is supposed to stay "at home" for 5-7 days.



I cried...I am so disappointed for our little boy who has looked forward to this trip for so long! We got Tamiflu to try to lessen the symptoms...we'll see how that helps. When his fever is lowered by Motrin, he looks like he's almost back to normal. He is talkative and his fever goes down and he get more like "Austin." We are hoping that the meds help him feel better soon.

So, back to my "sort of" finding it hard to be thankful for first, I was so disappointed that I just couldn't be thankful for anything. I am still extremely disappointed for him...and for us...that our vacation has been changed. BUT, in the grand scheme of things, I am SO thankful that is isn't something worse. My baby ONLY has the flu. He could have been admitted into the hospital or have a heart condition or cancer or something else equally devestating. I am SO thankful that he ONLY has the flu.

Never in my life would I have thought that I would be thankful that a child of mine has the flu...but there you have it. I am THANKFUL that Austin ONLY has the flu. Oh, and I am thankful that he ate something tonight! He hasn't has much to eat the last two days and tonight he ate lunch meat and cheese (basically a sandwich without the bread) and chips.

Lastly, please pray for us. We have some decisions to make and have no clue what path to take. I'm just glad none of them are life-threatening or changing!

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