Thursday, November 19, 2009

Second Part of Day 4 - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I did not take as many pictures of this as I should have. However, we were having so much fun and there was so much going on that there were some key shots that I totally missed and didn't think of until it was too late (ie. family in front of castle). However, there are times when we just have to put the camera aside and enjoy the memories as they happen and not worry about capturing them in photos.
I am SO glad we were able to go to this event. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is an event where you buy additional tickets to get into Magic Kingdom on select nights during the holiday season. Oh, and in case you didn't know, the holiday season starts in early November according to Disney! :-) While some people may not want to spend the extra money on something like this, we think it is TOTALLY worth it. Not only do you get free hot chocolate and cookies (apple slices and apple juice are also available), but the crowds are usually low and you spend more time walking through the queue lines than you do waiting to get on the ride. Actually, I think the ride is longer than the wait as well! :-) We got to go on so many prime rides in such a short amount of time that the next day was just so relaxed since we weren't rushing around trying to fit everything in.
Plus, there is just something about the Christmas spirit that fills the air when you are there! All of the cast members are in Christmasy outfits, the castle looks like a sugar cookie, there's Christmas music playing, Christmas shows you can watch, an extra Christmas parade that happens twice in those 5 hours (7pm-midnight), and Snow on Mainstreet! :-)
I can honestly say that not ONE cross thought went through my head towards either of my kids (or anyone else in our family of course!). The kids were excellent and it seemed like they were just put in a Christmas mood as well! We had such a WONDERFUL time!

The first ride we did was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Austin loved this ride 2 years ago and this year it was the same. Although, we all agreed that the new Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios was MUCH better! Austin even remembered this photo opportunity from last time! He just ran right up to it and got right in, waiting for me to take his picture.

Austin also rode The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm. His reaction was pretty much the same. The above photo is the anxious "before" photo. Below is the "after" photo that just screams "Is it over yet?"
One ride we didn't do last time because he didn't want to was Dumbo. Don't ask me why he didn't want to; he loves rides like this (TriceraTop Spin, Aladdin's Carpets), but he just didn't want to do it. This year, he went on it with took her back to the time when she went on Dumbo with Austin's Daddy!

During the nights of the Christmas Party, they only do fireworks AT the party. This was going to be our only night of Fireworks since we missed Illuminations on Monday.

fireworks collage
The picture (not the greatest, but the only one of him in front of the castle) of Austin shows him with a sword and pirate hook. He LOVES these toys from Pirates of the Carribean and he played and played with them while waiting for the fireworks to start. The picture of Colten and Yaya is showing how he was trying to grab the fireworks. So cute!
The kids loved this. We knew Austin loved fireworks...but Colten was just in awe of them. He kept trying to reach up and grab them and would just smile. It was so sweet to watch him!

My original plan was to bring a tripod for the firework pictures. You just get MUCH better pictures since you don't have the camera shake when you are using a tripod. However, it got left in the car by accident and if you've ever been to Disney World, you know the parking lot is a PAIN to get back to (you have to take a ferry or monorail back to the Ticket office and then take a tram to your lot). So, I made due with what I had and used a trash can to help steady the camera. Worked on some shots, not so much on others. I think what I did get is pretty cool though, so I'm happy!
Overall, I think worth the money and the late night for the kids. It got us all in the Christmas spirit and now I am so ready to decorate for the Holidays! I've had to restrain myself since I just CAN'T decorate before Thanksgiving! I think it will definitely be a night to remember (even without all the pictures!).

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