Saturday, November 17, 2007

Disney World Day 5 - Magic Kingdom...Last Day!!!

We get to Magic Kingdom for our last and final day. We went on a safari boat ride, then rode on the Magic Carpets and while we were getting off of that ride, we realized that Aladdin was also on the ride with one of the kids! So, we followed them back to the line to get his and Jasmine's autograph. I'll tell you, Aladdin was a little weird, but very "cheerful!" Austin got their autograph and pictures and then we went to the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.

After leaving the tree house, we were going back over to the other side of teh park when we saw that a show was just about to start in front of the castle. I'll tell you, it was COLD this day and we were going to get sweatshirts RIGHT after this show!

This year at Disney World was the Year of a Million Dreams. The show was about that. Basically, this year, Disney tried to make as many dreams come true as possible. Dreams as small as a cupcake to as big as helping to open a park was made possible.

We passed the Car ride again....Austin got to sit in the car sitting outside the ride. We were on our way to Mickey's Toon Town Fair to ride a kid roller coaster.

Goofy's Barnstormer is a kid roller coaster that lasts about 15 seconds, but was still fast enough to make Austin a little scared. He didn't cry, but definately didn't want to go back on it!

We also visited Mickey and Minnie's Country Houses. It was pretty neat to see the oversized cartoonish furniture and decorations!

We went on the Car ride AGAIN! Mommy went this time....and Daddy took pictures.

Then, the last ride we went on was Buzz again! Gotta love those good rides that makes the kids happy!!!

Oh, and Austin finally got behind the bars to pose with Buzz's archnemesis.....Lord Z-something....Brian and I can't remember his name at this exact moment!!! LOL

Overall, Disney World was GREAT!!!! We think Austin was a GREAT age to go this first time. He had fun and was able to ride quite a bit of rides and loved the shows! We can't wait to go back another time in a couple of years!!!!

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