Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!

  • Well, a while back I asked if it was wrong to wish for rain on Halloween. To answer that question....YES! I definately got what I wished for...since it rained almost all day and night! Oh well, Austin had a blast and he was the best dressed Fireman in Hawaii! Everyone kept commenting on how appropriate his costume was on a night like tonight.
  • I'll tell ya, it doesn't take long to teach a 2 year old the proper way to trick-or-treat! He has had the phrase down pat for a week or so now and knew exactly what to do from the get go. Last year was fun, but this year was just unbelieveably fun watching Austin smile while walking down the street to go to the next door to get even MORE candy than what he had before. He would walk up to the house, hold out his bag and say "trick or treat!" Get the candy, say thank you and while walking away, would say "Happy Halloween!" He thought tonight was the best night EVER!
  • We first went to the Hoffman's since he wanted to show Cait (his babysitter) his costume. We talked to them, and then went up and down their street. When we were done with that, we came back to our neighborhood and he and Daddy went back out after dumping out the more than half-full bag of candy that he got from that ONE street. I handed out candy here at the house. When they came walking back up to the house after getting finished with our neighborhood, Daddy was carrying Austin AND the candy bag as it was overflowing with even MORE candy! Needless to say, Austin had a blast, Daddy had a blast, and Mommy loved seeing both of them happy!
  • One note about the candy....we have an overabundance of the sugary stuff left. Austin agreed tonight to save a little bowl of candy for himself and he is trading the rest of his candy in for a small toy. Daddy is going to take the rest of the candy to work and pawn it off on some of the single soldiers that work with him! The dentist would be so proud!

Our Fireman

The first door....


MORE candy!

Let's GO!!!

Austin's LOOT

See Mommy??? Yummy!

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