Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Disney World Day 2 - MGM Studios

Tuesday started just a little later than Monday did. We actually had to wake up Austin. It's normally the other way around, but I guess Austin just can't keep up with his parents!

First on the list was Tower of Terror. Funny how the parents get their way, huh! I don't think I explained the whole Fast Pass or Parent Switch tickets they have at DW. The FastPass is the best way to go when the lines are long. You stick your park ticket into a slot in this machine and it prints out a FastPass ticket and then gives both tickets back to you. The FastPass ticket allows you to return to the ride in about 40 minutes to an hour to go through the FastPass line which is considerabley SHORTER than the regular line. The parent swap is a ticket you ask one of the cast members for when the first parent goes through. The first parents rides the ride, then gives the second parent the parent swap ticket. The second parent gets to go through the FastPass line to reduce the wait. DW has definately figured out how to make their customers happy!!!

After Tower or Terror, we walked over to the Toy Barn where Buzz Lightyear and Woody were there to take pictures with and get their autograph. Remember that light up Buzz that Austin got the first night in Florida? Little did we know that he would want to carry that thing EVERYWHERE we went! It was pretty cute when he wanted to show Buzz and Woody his toy! He really liked getting his picture taken with them!

After Buzz and Woody, we ate lunch and then went to the Stunt Car Show called "Lights, Motors, Action!" Austin really liked this show and it was pretty neat that they show you all the tricks that Hollywood uses during car chase scenes, etc.

We went through the Back Lot tours after the car show. Brian was disappointed since they had changed it and it wasn't as good. After that, we went to the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" playground. Austin LOVED this playground and really liked a couple of the slides. Here he is cheesing it up with Daddy!

While we were in line with Buzz, we heard that Lightening McQueen and Mater were driving around the corner. Brian took Austin around the corner to see, but then brought him back to see Buzz and Woody. We figured we would eat lunch, then go up and catch them the next time they came out to take pictures. Little did we know that you had to get in line EARLY to actually get in line! They only allowed so many people in line, then they would close them. So, we missed the Cars Stars the second time as well. We had one more chance for the day and after the playground, there was about an hour and 40 minutes before the Cars were scheduled to appear. Brian and Austin went and got popcorn, while I went to get in line for these hard to capture characters. I was about the 5th or 6th person in line and as soon as I sat down on the curb, about 10 people sat down behind me. A little later, Austin and Brian came to join me and we had a great time sitting there relaxing while watching Austin and the other kids play around on the sidewalk.

The time came when we heard motors revving as Lightening and Mater came rolling down the street. I held Austin up so he could see them come down the street while Brian recorded his reaction on videotape. His face lit up like you imagine a kid's face lights up on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, we didn't get good video of him going up to the cars because we had used up the battery on our video camera on the Stunt Car Show. We got good pictures though, so there's always that!

We went to a Little Mermaid Show, ate dinner, and walked around the park a bit. When it got dark, we tried to go see the Osborne Family Christmas Lights. We got there right before they turned them on. They were doing the introductions, then started playing Christmas music as the lights danced and blinked with the music. We tried to walk through them and that's when Austin started freaking out! He wanted NOTHING to do with the lights and wanted to go AWAY from them! We tried to go another way where it wasn't as lit up, but he wasn't falling for it! So, we just gave up and left. About 2 minutes after we decided to just leave and were walking away, he fell asleep! Silly little boy! We chalked that freak out as being tired and overstimulated....DW really is a tiring place!

Here I am with him and he's crying, but refusing to turn around to get his picture taken. Pretty cool lights though.....they were strung over almost every inch of that part of the park.

Tomorrow's plan is EPCOT!!!

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