Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 4 Continued - Pool and Very Merry Christmas Party

So, like I said, we went back to the resort, got Austin a nap and then let him go to the pool. He has a very friendly personality and the whole trip was trying to talk to both adults and kids. While at the pool, he made a friend with another little boy and they played the entire time!

After the pool, we went back to our room. On the way there, we go through the 101 Dalmations part of our resort. Austin loved climbing on the Dalmation Puppy and I thought it was a pretty cute picture!

So, after we got back to the room, we waited for Austin's babysitter. We hired Kids Nite Out to provide a babysitter for the night so that Brian and I can go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party by ourselves. She showed up 15 minutes late, but waived the transportation fee that they usually charge, so that made us happy. We felt entirely safe leaving Austin with this lady and he was perfectly happy making another friend!

We leave and finally get to Magic Kingdom again and get our wrist bands for the Party. Basically, they close the park at 7pm and only allow those who purchased the Party tickets to be there. The crowds are small and the waits for any ride was almost non-existant. I think the longest line we waited in was for a PhotoPass picture in front of the castle.

Speaking of the was GORGEOUS!!! It looked like a sugar cookie all lit up with the pretty lights!

During the party, they have different stations where you can get the most wonderfully tasting sugar cookies and hot chocolate (they also have apple juice and apple slices for those health conscious people!)

The Christmas Party isn't only about no waits and cookies....they also have a different parade and several different shows that are Christmas themed. Two times during the night (the party ends at midnight), they have special fireworks as well. It was a great night and Brian and I had fun being by ourselves with no stroller or cranky toddler!

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