Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wonderful Pit Stop with Family

Today, I am thankful for the great hospitality that Matt and Paula have had for our family (plus, Bill and Mary)! We stopped at their house on the way to Disney World (and ended up giving Anna the flu) as well as on the way back. They have fed our family and given us a place to sleep so that our trip wasn't quite as stressful with 2 small kids.
It has been wonderful to see them and Nate and Anna since we don't normally get to see them two weekends in a row. We miss seeing them often. Austin misses his cousins...they used to act more like siblings since we lived within 5 miles of each other and the kids were around each other enough to fight like brothers and sister instead of cousins.
So, we are here...enjoying the company of family. Thankful for the safe drive to Alabama. Dreading the 10 hour drive to Little Rock (and subsequent 3 hour drive back to NWA) and praying that those two trips are also safe and uneventful.

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