Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Few Things Today - Day 19

Today, I am thankful for a few things (and I will include 2 pictures of the boys that I took before we went to of Colten in an OLD chair of Mary's and the other of Austin being handsome.
The first is for this warmer weather today. The past few days have been down right cold and yucky! Today it was warm enough to go outside and play. I took the boys in the backyard and let them play on the swingset. While out there, Austin told me to watch him as he was swinging. He told me I had to watch him forever and I watched as he swung higher and higher...then JUMPED off the swing! Brian tried to get him to do this a couple of months ago and now, here he is, doing it on his own! I think someone at school must have done it and he realized he could do it too. Then, he said he could jump off even higher and did. So much fun! I'm thankful that the weather was nice enough for him to be able to show me that! Colten also had a lot of fun out there walking around and trying to climb up the slides.

I'm thankful for Colten going to the doctor and being told that he's doing and looking great and seeing him so happy to see everyone there. This is NOT a shy kid...he may act like it sometimes, but he really enjoyed all the attention today. Well, at least until his shot! Oh, he was 21 pounds, 4 ounces and 28 inches long (which may or may not be accurate since he was wiggling so much while being measured).

I am thankful for our dentist and dental insurance. Brian started getting a toothache Tuesday night. He called the dentist yesterday and got an appointment for today. They aren't sure what is causing it exactly, but x-rays showed something deep in his tooth. We don't see any cavities on the outside of the tooth, and it's not even a molar where most cavities are (it's his canine tooth). Despite not being sure WHAT is causing this pain (and it's HORRIBLE pain), Brian has pain meds, an antibiotic, and an appointment on Monday for a root canal. He'll also have to get a cap on his tooth. I'm thankful for him having FULL coverage for dental since he's active duty. We already know how much all this could cost us since I have had this kind of work done before.

I am VERY thankful for Colten's bedtime. His vaccinations today made him one cranky little boy! With Brian laying in bed because of the pain, I was with the kids all day and that little boy was just NOT happy this evening! I'm exhausted! Brian tried to help, he really did. However, with the pain from his tooth causing that whole side of his head to hurt, Colten's whining really made it all worse. I told him not to worry about it...just to go lie back down. Poor boys! The only one who wasn't feeling yucky was Austin!

Lastly, I am thankful that I have had a few moments here and there to post some Disney pictures. I still have our last day of Magic Kingdom to do as well as a few pictures of our 2-hour trip to Epcot that we did before we left on Saturday. Those will be up soon...I just need to get them off my camera and then go through them first.

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Julia said...

we had a dr. appt yesterday too!! Noah was almost 20 pounds (19 13oz to be exact). i am loving your thankful posts.

oh, and baby fever... it comes and goes too.. somedays, i'm like NO WAY do i want another. and somedays my heart feels like it's about to explode with love and I want another!!