Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 1 at Disney - Epcot

We tried to spend the day at Epcot on Monday. We knew Austin had been running a fever the day before, but he seemed fine that morning and was running around and talking like he was normal. So, we went ahead and went to Epcot with the plans of just doing what we could IF Austin stayed feeling better. If not, we'd leave and figure out what to do from there.
The day started off great. We met our friends, The Dyers, at the park entrance so they could get their tickets from us and we all went in together and hung out doing the different rides.

Yaya and Austin with the "big golf ball."
Epcot was the the thing Austin was looking forward to the most...because of the "big golf ball." That's all he wanted to do...go in that golf ball!

Austin and Hope playing in the water area by Test Track.

First, we headed over to the Test Track area (we originally thought Soarin' was over there as well, but was wrong). We actually got Austin on the ride, although he didn't exactly like it. He came off the ride telling Jill and Yaya, "I did it, but I was freaking out!"

Yaya, Noah, and Colten waiting for us to do Test Track.
So, after Test Track, we made our way over to the other side where Soarin' was located, got Fast Passes for that ride, rode a boat ride called Living with the Land that Austin almost didn't go on because he was scared, then took the kids to the Finding Nemo ride. I think they all loved it and Colten almost fell asleep in the dark ride.

Austin loving "Living with the Land."

Our family at Finding Nemo.

Yaya and the kids being eaten by a shark.
We explored the fun stuff they have at the Nemo Ride a little. There are aquariums with all kinds of fish, some exhibits for kids to play with and we tried to go to Turtle Talk with Crush, but it ended up full and our Fast Pass time was approaching.
So, back to Soarin' we went and Austin LOVED it! He and Brian got to go on it twice since we did the Parent Swap. Colten couldn't go on it, so I had to wait out front with him, John Dyer, and Noah while everyone else went to ride. After they were done, I got to take up to 3 other people back into the ride with me, so Brian and Austin did it again. This was one of our favorite was so cool!
After Soarin, we had lunch reservations at Coral Reef. This is when the day started to go down hill for us. We get to the restaurant and get seated. Austin just crashed. He wouldn't eat and just layed in the booth with Daddy as his pillow. Colten was CRAZY in this place and it was hard to eat with him trying to get out of the highchair he was supposed to be in. We rushed through our lunch so we could get the kids out of there. We told Bill and Mary to stay and see the World Showcase since they hadn't ever had the chance to see it and we took the kids back to the resort.
Austin never recovered that day like we had hoped and we ended up taking him to After Hours Pediatric Center (HIGHLY recommend them if you are ever in Orlando with a sick kid!) instead of Illuminations like we wanted to. He ended up testing positive for the flu and to Wal-Greens we went for Tamiflu.
That night, we discussed many, many options and ultimately just decided to see how he felt over the next couple of days. Little did we know the powers of Tamiflu...and that our vacation wouldn't be so bad afterall!

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