Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally HOME...Day 16

I am so thankful to be in my own home. It seems we have been gone FOR.EV.R! We had our final 3 hour drive today from Little Rock. Colten threw a fit when I tried putting him in his carseat, but got settled once I got him buckled and soon fell asleep for his morning nap. He woke up about an hour later and was pretty good for a while, then I had to climb into the back and entertain him for a bit before letting him watch a Baby Einstein movie. :-) Those things are AWESOME in a pinch! He really has only seen them in the car while on trips, so he thinks they are the greatest things ever!

So, we are back in our own house, our dogs are with us and are happy to be home as well. Toby, our cat is still with John. Since we are going BACK to Little Rock this weekend for the Razorback game, he agreed to keep him. I think he even offered to keep him for good, but I don't think he's going to get his way. Strangely, I miss my kitty! LOL

Tomorrow, it is back to business as usual. Austin will go to school, it's back to eating dinner at home (not looking forward to cooking again!), bedtimes should be back to normal, and the whole house needs to be cleaned. Anyone want to come do that for me?

As much fun as I had at Disney (and I already miss that Disney Magic) I am SO glad to be home.

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