Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Before Thanksgiving - Day 12

I am getting tired of naming these posts the same thing but with different days. So, I changed it. Now, I'm just going to put whatever day it is in the title along with some other form of description. :-)
Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to take my kids to Disney World. Specifically, the Christmas party tonight. I never got to go to Disney World growing up. It was always WAY out of my family's budget, so we did other fun things on vacation. Brian and I first took Austin 2 years ago...which was also my first time. We had a blast and I fell in love. :-) There's just something about going to Disney World that you don't get at any other theme park. I think it's that "Disney Magic."
{Colten and his new hoodie waiting for the monorail to Magic Kingdom. Isn't he just adorable?}
However, when you go to Disney during Christmas time, you multiply that magic by a hundred! Disney always does a great job with the details...and they definitely don't disappoint with the Christmas decorations either!
{The castle all lit up for the Christmas Party. We forgot the tripod, so I am very happy with the shot that I you know how hard it is to take a longer-exposure shot without a tripod?}
We bought (actually Bill and Mary bought) tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Last time, Austin got to stay back with a babysitter while Brian and I had a night out. This time, we thought we'd let him enjoy the magic as well. We are SO glad we did! He had a blast. Colten had a blast. And because of a late nap in the afternoon, they were well-rested and were SO good! Therefore, the adults got to enjoy it all as well! :-)

{Austin with Minnie Mouse. This year, he really only wanted to see the main characters and wasn't interested in seeing anyone else as much.}

It was a great night, filled with Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, fun, lights, and fireworks! I am so thankful that we have the means to give our kids this opportunity.

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