Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Every Mom is Thankful For! Day 18

Today I am thankful for naps. While I didn't get one today (it never happens and when it does I am always groggy when I wake up), I am SO thankful for the two naps that Colten takes!

The morning one I wasted away on the computer, drinking some coffee. It is always wonderful to have some quiet time while I'm on the computer because when I try to get online when he's awake, he wants to pull on the laptop and push all kinds of buttons.

The afternoon nap, I made the best of it and actually cleaned our kitchen and living room. Our house was a disaster after we came back from Disney. There was all kinds of things laying on the kitchen counters, things all over the living room and most of the stuff I just had no clue what to do with (or the energy to figure it out). Today, our long kitchen counter that is usually piled with stuff is clear, the dishes WERE clean (until dinner) and our kitchen table was cleaned the placemats with napkins were back in place.

The living room is getting set up for our Christmas stuff. I pulled all of Colten's toys that live in that room into the dining room. I put all of Austin's toys into a bowl and had him put those away in his room and folded the blankets we use everyday and put them in their place. All I need to do now is vacuum (which will wait until tomorrow). I even got to go into the boys room and clean the majority of that mess (the closet still needs some attention).

So, while Colten didn't nap as long as I would have liked, I got a lot done and when he DID wake up, he was in a good mood and played while I cleaned. I LOVE naps.

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