Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coloring Eggs

Is it bad that next year I want to boil 2 dozen eggs and after the kids go to bed, color my own eggs? I really just love doing it and I don't get to sit down and enjoy it anymore!
This year was especially stressful, but fun as well. Colten is at that age where he wants to help, but is a little clumsy and stubborn about things. We did end up with a cup of dye knocked over, a few eggs with cracked shells and one so mangled that it had to be eaten as soon as we were done coloring them (thanks Uncle John for making sure it wasn't wasted!). Overall, I think we had some gorgeous eggs (although, I didn't get a picture of them since I was a little busy!)
Brian took this awesome picture of Austin waiting for an egg. I just love the colors in all the cups and how's he waiting so patiently for them. Plus, you can see Colten's chubby fingers around the handle of one of the cups.
Me helping Colten...but making sure he doesn't dump another cup (especially since I didn't want it on me).
Yep, two pictures of me in one post! :-) Brian took some good pictures, but I just look a little stressed, right? I think Colten is part octopus...his hands were everywhere!
Austin was so happy to do the eggs. He had fun doing it and see how the eggs turned out. He was really excited that there were two different greens and was so patient while he waited for them to get as green as they could get!
Plus, I had to put this picture it...I just love it so much!

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Randy and Leslie said...

There is nothing wrong with doing your own :o) I always dye my own, but I guess since Claire can't really do it herself, I get to do extra!