Monday, April 5, 2010

Signs of a Visitor

We had a visitor this past weekend. Can you guess who it was?
Let me give you a hint. It's someone who is known to spoil the kids a bit. She is famous for her shopping trips. She did the same thing, but in a grander scale (if you can believe that!), for her nephews.
Yep, Aunt Nancy came up to visit us this weekend! She got here on Saturday morning. We had a great afternoon of visiting, then we went out to eat. We had a great dinner (her treat, of course!) She really does spoil more than just the kids! Of course, dinner wasn't enough. We headed for Toys R Us next. The boys got to pick out some outdoor toys.
A tee that also pitches the balls for Austin.
And a motorized 4 wheeler for Colten.
We are always thankful for everything Aunt Nancy does for us, but most of all, we are thankful for just Aunt Nancy! :-) She's a warm, thoughtful, wonderful woman who loves her family so much! She is a giving person who does so much for everyone around her (sometimes so much that I think she overdoes it a little!).
Unfortunately, while we had big plans to go to church for Easter and have a wonderful afternoon outside with her, Aunt Nancy woke up feeling ill. Poor girl! She was in bed all day and evening, sleeping. I felt bad that she was feeling this way on Easter Sunday and didn't get to see the kids as much as she wanted! I tried to get her whatever she wanted or needed, but I think all she needed was some rest.
Today, she got up feeling good enough to drive back home, but did get to visit with us a bit before leaving. I'm glad she got up, and only wished she hadn't felt so bad on Sunday! It was fun to visit with her though!

And yes, Colten CAN drive the 4 wheeler...he just doesn't get the whole steering concept, so he goes straight until he runs into something. Then, we have to pull the vehicle around so he can go straight in another direction! He really likes it though and I'm sure he'll be steering correctly in no time!
Thanks again, Aunt Nancy! The boys love their gifts, but loved seeing you even more!

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