Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Razorback Baseball

I don't think we'll ever tire of going to see the Razorbacks play! I know, for a fact, that Brian won't! He's definitely a regular out in the Hog Pen now.
When we planned on going to the game on Saturday, we didn't realize just how windy it would be in Fayetteville. Nevertheless, we went as planned. We even grilled our lunch and had a great time playing with the kids until the game started. It wasn't so cold when the sun was out, but after a while, the clouds rolled in.
Austin decided he wanted to be covered up, but since we didn't have any blankets, he used Daddy's jacket instead and crawled into his lap to watch a bit of the game.
Meanwhile, Colten kept running around our area, being silly and cute. Just like he's supposed to act!
Son, I don't think anyone you're going to get an answer.
Colten then seemed a little more interested in the game and ran up to the fence. Daddy went and made sure he was going to behave himself. Made for a cute picture!
It sprinkled on us a bit, then the sun came back out. Then, Colten decided to dump half of a Coke onto his lap and I went to the car to see if I had any extra pants for him. I found a pair of shorts in the Goodwill box that continues to sit in the van, put him in the Ergo with a blanket around his legs and hiked back to the game. Sat down and 30 seconds later it started raining. It let up a bit, but then started pouring. That was all I needed. I got the kids together, grabbed a few things and headed home. Brian and Uncle John stayed to watch the rest of the game.
The kicker? It let up again, sprinkled for about 10 minutes, then the sun came back out. Not a problem though...I had time to give the kids dinner, a bath and got them ready for bed and didn't feel rushed at all. In my book, leaving early was probably a good decision for my own piece of mind!

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