Friday, March 26, 2010

One Last Time...Hopefully

Hopefully, this is the last of the snow pictures! At least for the season.
Brian's really a great dad! Everytime it's snowed, he has taken Austin out to go sledding. They go over to JB Hunt Park where there's this huge hill. They spend forever out there!
This time, Austin wanted me to come see him go down the hill. Colten is not fond of the snow. He doesn't really have the warm clothes to spend time out there in it, so I told Austin I would drive over there and watch him a few times (and take pictures, of course!). He was happy with this plan.
Up the hill they's the hardest part, but is required for all the fun!
Down they come...

Yes, we are still using our body board as a sled. The only sled we could find during the first snow was the round green one. So, when Brian takes Austin sledding, they still need another sled and the body board works great!
Hope you enjoyed the snow pictures...Spring is here and I'm hoping we move to pictures of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and lots of other Springtime activities!

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