Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting Down and Dirty

Over the weekend, Colten had free reign in the yard. Most of the time he headed straight for the diggin' pit. The diggin' pit is the area under the playground that I deemed, when we moved in, the only place in the yard where Austin is allowed to dig. Before that, he would grab a shovel and just start digging in the middle of the grass! The diggin' pit was just a bunch of dirt when we moved in, started growing a lot of grass and weeds over the summer, and is now again mostly dirt.
Colten obviously loves that he can get dirty in there. We walks out there, plops down in the dirt and grabs the shovel and goes to town!


He's a curious kid, so when he finds a rock or a good clump of dirt, he scrutinizes it and then puts it in the truck with the rest of what he finds or scoops up!

Of course, there is another area in the yard that is mostly dirt at the moment. A flower bed on one side of our yard is bare due to the lack of hostas that are just now starting to peek up out of the dirt. Colten walks along this flower bed and picks up whatever peaks his interest.

We really loved the weather this weekend and hope that it continues into this next weekend as well! Not only have the boys loved the days, but we parents have loved how easy our nights have been with exhausted kids who go straight to sleep! Even our dogs are exhausted!

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