Friday, March 12, 2010

Imagination and Much More

I don't think I ever did a birthday post for Austin. I'm not sure why. I had plans to and just never wrote it out and didn't think about it again until the other night, after I saw these two pictures.
Our first born has always been the kid who can play by himself. He doesn't need a constant playmate. Sure, he loves for Daddy or Mommy to join him, but he does just fine with a couple of guys and his imagination. There are times when he can play with two guys for a couple of hours.
While in North Carolina, when we met with our realtor for the first time, Austin was in our friends' living room playing with two characters. He was making them talk to each other and the realtor asked if he was talking to himself. He didn't bother us one bit while we were talking about some important things (which the same can't be said for Colten!). He was absorbed in his own little world with those characters (of which weren't even super heroes or anything remotely boyish...they were Sesame Street characters since our friends have a 3 year old little girl).

Austin is a sensitive, imaginative little boy. He's rough and tumble like any ordinary boy, but has feelings as fierce as can be. He has a strong sense of right and wrong...which he points out to all the other kids! It still doesn't prevent him from doing wrong himself sometimes...but at least he knows why he's getting into trouble!
Austin is an excellent big brother. He watches Colten and tells us if he's getting into something he's not supposed to. He doesn't mind when Colten plays with his toys and even shares some without being asked. Of course there are times when he gets frustrated and annoyed, but doesn't that just go with the territory? Oh, and he's showing Colten how to be rough and tumble as well...tackling and wrestling are common occurrences in our house, even when Daddy isn't involved! In fact, Colten tackled Austin the other day...flat out tackled him to the ground. Austin just looked up and started laughing. He has so much fun with his little brother!

In a few short months, our little boy will be heading to Kindergarten. He's going to do great! We all look forward to it...because we know that school is going to be so good for him! I'm not sad that he won't be with me all day because I know he's going to be having a blast learning, playing and making friends (while he can play alone really well, he really is a social kid who loves making friends). He needs the room to grow into the person he's going to be. I know that Kindergarten is just the start of this process...and it's going to be great to see where it leads him!

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