Friday, March 26, 2010

Early Easter Surprise

Aunt Amanda came to visit and when she got here, she brought a surprise from Nana for the boys! Early Easter gifts are always welcome and the boys were ecstatic about the fun things they saw!

Austin just loves the bunnies and both boys got a basket specially made by Great-Grandma Jean. I know it will be even more special to them when they get older and have something that was handmade by their Grandma.
Colten loved opening his treat. He loves the bunnies and the train. He even got a taste of some of the gummie Lifesavers as well!
This was just a warmup to Easter morning and their baskets that the Easter Bunny will bring. It's fun to see how Colten is reacting now, and I know he'll just love Easter morning with the treats, egg hunting and then church! It's not that far now, and I really need to get their outfits together!

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