Sunday, March 14, 2010

What do you think...

this post is about?
The subject is in this picture:
It's not Abby.
Or Koa. (although, they are both pretty cute in the pictures with Colten and Brian, right?)
Nope, it isn't even about Colten.
No, this post is about Brian! He's in a lot of pictures, but usually the posts are about the kids.
Brian is nearing his graduation. He just got done with 2 classes and has only one more to go. His Oral Comprehensive Exam is tomorrow. It's basically where three professors ask you about various aspects of Operations Management (the program that he is in). Just like the title says, it's comprehensive, meaning over the entire year and a half that he's been in classes.
So far, he has gotten all As and just has this exam and one more class until he has his Masters. Can I just say how incredibly proud I am of him?
I have to say, I'm pretty impressed that we have both been home all day, this whole time, and not tried to kill each other yet! LOL I think we both had an idea of how things were going to be with both of us home...and I think we both had to adjust those expectations as time went on. However, I don't think either of us would have changed this at all. We had some great family time and feel very blessed we were able to have this opportunity. Brian not only got a degree out of this, but got to be a full-time Dad on top of it. Something that not many Dads have the honor of doing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty proud of him, too! And you as well, Kerum. You are a super wife, mommy, and Army wife! Love you! YaYa