Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changes...Coming Soon!

Changes are something that we all go through...and without them we'd all be stuck in the same spot we were 5, 10, and even 15 years ago (or more!). Changes are essential, but not everyone looks forward to them. Most of the time, though, they are good!

Our family will be going through some changes in the next few months.
In April, we'll be finding out if we will be adding another boy to our masculine family, or if we'll be adding an overprotected sister to the mix. We'll also be packing our entire household into boxes and watching as the movers drive off with it.
In May, Brian will be graduating with his Masters and the next day we head out for our next adventure as a military family.
After visiting family for a few days, we'll drive 15 hours (in two days since we have kids) to our new duty station, Fort Bragg. Brian will be going back to work full-time, which is another big change for our family since he's been home full-time for a year and a half now.
New house, new neighborhood, and new area to explore. What's more, is that Austin will be starting Kindergarten in August...another HUGE change for this guy! A change that is being looked forward to!
Finally, the last of the big changes will be meeting that little brother or sister in September. Something Austin looks forward to, but Colten has no clue just how much his little life will change! I have faith that he'll do great with this and eventually be very close to his new sibling!

With all the changes coming up, I have one more to announce.
In about a week or so, our little family blog will have ads. After being on a waiting list for a few months, I finally got a message from Blogher that they were opening their application to me if I still wanted the opportunity to have ads on my blog. I put in the application and was accepted yesterday! Today, I filled out the agreement forms and a tax form and in about a week, we will have a few well-placed ads.
What does this mean? Basically, for people who read this blog, it only means you'll see a little bit more than you usually do. The ads will not be within my posts, but on the side or at the very top of the page. You don't have to click on anything or buy anything at all! The ads are just like you'd see in a newspaper or's there to, hopefully, increase your awareness of a certain product or retailer.
For our family, this means a little bit of an extra income. I finally get to do something that I enjoy AND get a little money for it! I try hard to do my best with pictures and writing and now, I'll be rewarded for that time and effort I put into it (and who doesn't want to get paid for something they love to do?).
This won't change our blog much as far as those cute boys you get to see now. I may be able to host giveaways in the future (via Blogher advertisers), and will most likely start to do a few more opinion-based posts (which I do sometimes, but not very often). The best part is that I am required to blog at least once or twice a, if anything, you'll get to enjoy posts more often (since sometimes, I neglect our blog at times!).
There you have it...changes coming soon. Hope you like them...I know we look forward to every single one of them (well, other than Brian going back to work full-time...part-time would be much better in my opinion!)

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