Sunday, March 28, 2010

Swinging Fun

While Aunt Amanda was here, we went up to the park while it was nice. It gets pretty windy up at the park, which makes it a bit cooler, but the kids have fun anyway. In fact, Austin didn't want to wear his jacket, but we made him since he was in a short sleeved shirt. Of course, I don't know if you notice that Daddy is in a short sleeved shirt and NO jacket in the background of the first picture! :-)

Austin loves swinging with Daddy. They always see who can get higher.
Austin is holding his own though...he is really good at pumping his legs...he just needs to lean back a bit more to get higher.
Austin and Daddy are not the only ones who like to swing....Colten LOVES it! Austin really likes to push him...we just have to make sure he doesn't get too crazy!
Love this angle.
Daddy swung with Colten on the big swing...he was pretty happy about it. He doesn't sit on our laps for very long, but while Daddy was swinging, he didn't try to get down at all!
We are definitely going to need to get a swing set or something at our new house. Until then, it will be a lot of trips to the parks that DO have swings!

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