Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ice Skating

Austin's friend Skylee was having her birthday party at the Jones Center Ice Skating rink. She goes ice skating on Sundays (who knew it was free that day?) and loves it. Her mom bought her some double bladed skates and they seemed to do great! They have a lot more support and feel more confident on the ice. I think Austin needs some. Here's how it went:
At first, he didn't want to go because he wasn't so certain of the skating part.
Then, I told him that he didn't have to skate if he didn't want to. He could just go and do the crafts and eat pizza and cake. Then, he decided he wanted to try the skating part.
We got to the party, he did a craft and then it came time to skate. We got the skates on him and Brian went out on the ice with him.
He looks a little uncertain...even from behind!
The longer he was out there, the more uncertain he became. I tried to get some pictures from the front so I could see his face. I got all the way around to the other side of the rink and that's when they turned around to go back to the door to get off the ice. Figures, right?
He said that if he only had the double bladed skates, he'd be better about it. I guess we'll have to see if I can find some cheap some place. There's an ice rink on post in North Carolina, so I think we'll be able to take him if he wants.
Next catch-up post: Colten's first flight in an airplane.

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