Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Gorgeous Weekend

I really should be posting photos that I've been neglecting. Instead, I'm going to post some from this wonderful weekend that we just had!
The weather we have had has been just GORGEOUS! We have literally had our back door open for 2 days straight, which the dogs and the kids have loved! With very little flies to worry about, everyone has been able to go in and out as they please. I am hoping that this is Spring and that it is here to stay!
Like I said, the boys have just LOVED being able to go outside. I think we have been cooped up inside too much this winter with all the snow and ice and we have NEEDED these warmer days!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to use our bouncer this season. At the very end of the nicer weather, we had the bouncer out for Austin to play with and Koa decided that he wanted to join in on the fun. He ran and jumped onto the front part and put a HUGE slit in it. We tried to patch it a few times and the cut is just too long. We were going to try and sew it, then patch it, but the fabric is just so thin, we don't think it will hold. So, we are trashing it. Yes, it's a shame...but we have plans for the new house and I don't think the boys will be disappointed.

After Brian rolled it up and put it in the bag for an easier trash day, Austin decided that it would be fun to jump off of it.
Well, monkey see, monkey do. Colten decided that he would see how much fun this big bag could be as well.
With the door wide open all weekend, Colten has gotten a lot of practice stepping up and down the little step out of our house. He is bound and determined to be able to walk up and down steps on his own. He practices all over our yard. Up and down the stones surrounding the flower beds, and up and down the patio.
Not quite sure what he thought he was doing here, but it made for a cute picture.
Trying to get out is even cuter. :-)
This boy is into everything. Here he is throwing a fit because we wouldn't let him move the table to get to a drink we had (that he couldn't get to from the front). He did end up getting to a certain person's beer, but I promise, he did not ingest any. He just poured half of it down the front of him and I had to change him since he smelled like a bar!
I think Austin spent most of the day up in the playground. He was either swinging or up in the "house" section. He brings toys up there and plays forever.
He found Robin and the Batbike out in the garage when we were cleaning it out during Colten's nap. I think he played with those toys all weekend after that!
Such a cute, I mean, HANDSOME boy!
More pictures to come...I promise. I have a ton! Plus, I have some catch-up pictures from our trip, a Razorback baseball game and one or two other things. Plus, a post that I wrote that was hard for me to write. I think this week will be filled with posts...hoping to make up for the time I didn't post anything, I guess!

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