Saturday, March 27, 2010

Adventure with Aunt Amanda

While Aunt Amanda was visiting, we had a gorgeous day and had planned to go to the Tulsa Zoo with our friends. Lisa, Skylee and Jackson met us in the morning and we followed them to Tulsa, a little more than an hour and a half away. Brian had to stay home and do homework that was due, but we want to take the kids to the St. Louis Zoo in May, so he'll be with us for that trip!
The kids were GREAT and the weather was perfect.

Colten enjoyed seeing the different animals and would point to things that caught his interest. He was great in the stroller and didn't fuss about being in it at all!
Austin (yes, he needs a haircut!) loved running around with the other two kids and had a blast! The last time he was at a zoo was probably a couple of years ago, so it was neat to see how he viewed everything now that he's older.
Aunt Amanda was an awesome help...she jumped right in and kept up with Austin when I needed her to, or would stay with Colten when that was needed as well. She really loves her nephews!
There is a playground at the zoo, which is awesome for some downtime for us adults. I don't know why, but the kids didn't seem as tired as we were! Colten loved the little bouncy seats and then walked around a boat structure and finally a train structure before we moved on to something else.
The only hangup was the wait for the train! We got around to the back of the zoo and there is a train that goes around the property from the front train station to the back station. You can buy tickets for one way or round trip. Well, since we were at the back station, there were people who were just riding the train from the front round trip without getting off. So, we had to wait for about an hour before finally getting on the train. Colten was exhausted and I was afraid he was going to lose it, but he did really great!
When we finally got back around to the front of the zoo, we let the kids have rides on the carousel (we had extra tickets for Colten and myself since I had originally bought tickets in case we wanted to go round trip on the train). I wasn't sure what Colten would think of the train but he loved it! You can't really tell by this picture, but he was laughing and smiling most of the time. He even threw a fit when it was over and wouldn't let go of the zebra.
Austin did a great job as well. He originally wanted to ride the alligator, but another kid had already picked it out. It's really nice now that he's older and accepts things like that without missing a beat. He just picked a different animal (a cheetah) and enjoyed the ride!
For more pictures, you can go to Lisa's blog. I'm not going to steal her pictures (right now) to put on here when I can just send you over there to see them!
I have a few more pictures to share...they'll be in a future post, so come back and check them out later!

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