Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Older

How do you know when your little boy is no longer "little?" Oh, when he starts taking SHOWERS instead of baths!
The last 3 or 4 nights, Austin has asked to take a shower. Now, we don't do baths every night until it gets to be a little warmer and he's outside playing and sweating (and needing them every night!). However, since having his first shower, he had requested to take one every night. In fact, I think he would take 2 a day if I let him!
It all started the other night when he was in the bathtub and I was rinsing his hair after getting it washed. He loves the feeling of the warm water running down his back and is just so relaxed as I rinse his hair. He even sigh in content!
Anyway, I told him that he would probably really like a shower if he liked how the water felt on his back. I told him that's why Daddy takes longer showers than Mommy...he likes how warm the water feels. So, I guess I peaked his interest and he asked if he could try it.
I get the water running and have him stand up on the other side of the tub (since I knew the water would be cold at first). When he backed into the warm shower, I knew he was hooked.
The only thing he wasn't sure of was the water splashing his face (which he hates in the first place). So, we got him some goggles and that helped. A night or two later, Brian showed him how to wash his hair and he started to take the goggles off for some of the shower.
Tonight, he took another shower and he started yelling for me. I went in there and he had washed his own hair! He was just about done rinsing, but had gotten soap into his eyes and needed help wiping his eyes since they were stinging and I didn't have a wash cloth in there. We rinse the last bit of shampoo out of his hair and he got out.
So, I guess I don't have a little boy anymore...he's not even in Kindergarten yet, but he's taking showers and washing off by himself. Oh, and LOVING IT!
So, when did your kids start taking showers?

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