Monday, March 8, 2010

Diamond Hogs

College baseball starts their season SO early! The first game was on a cold February 19th day. Brian went with John, but I stayed home with the kids. Austin really wanted to go, but with it being on a Friday before school got out and how cold it was, we knew there would be few kids there (if any!) and that he would be cold and bored. He likes to watch a bit, but a whole ball game is a little long for a kid his age.
The next day, it was a little warmer and with it being a Saturday, we knew there would be more kids attending. So, we packed up and headed out. The kids had a blast. Colten kept us on our toes chasing him around the area (we sit in the outfield section that seems to be a little more family friendly). We saw very little of Austin, he was too busy playing with friends to come sit with us. We did end up leaving in the 7th inning. Colten was wearing me out and the Razorbacks were losing and it was getting a little colder. I think going to the games this year is going to be a little harder since baby boy thinks he's big enough to just walk (run?) anywhere he wants!

This is how he liked to sit in the chair we have for him. Wish it was red, though!
One of the few times we saw Austin (other than checking on him to make sure he was ok).
One of Colten's first experiences with Ribby the Razorback. He saw him earlier in the game too, but I was alone without a camera (on my way to get some yummy kettle corn).
We'll definitely be going to more games...but will probably end up taking two cars from now on so I can go home when I'm tired (of chasing a certain little boy!).
Next skating!

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