Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wild Animals

We saw a lot of animals while at the zoo...not including THESE 4 monkeys! (Yes, Skylee looks pretty grumpy in this picture, but 5 seconds later she was skipping down the path, happy as can be...Lisa and her husband are in big trouble in during those teen years, yeah?)

We stayed and watched the real monkeys for a while. There were two baby monkeys running, rolling and diving all over the place! It was really entertaining and the kids loved it! I caught this tender moment between what I can only guess is the Daddy and his son. I think this was right before the Daddy put his butt in the son's face. Yes, literally!
Colten sat and watched this lizard for some time. He kept pointing at it when it moved.
There were two bald eagles. So sad to see them caged like they are, but I'm guessing they were hurt somehow and that's why they are there.
There were two otters swimming around. It was pretty neat because they could go from one area to another by going underneath a bridge walkway. They would stop playing and just look up at us, just like we were looking down at them. Almost like WE were the ones on display!
There was a kids' petting zoo there as well. It was just some goats and sheep, but it kept the kids happy. They had some bunnies too, but they were caged up and got stressed pretty easily when the worker took them out for the kids to see. Colten wasn't completely impressed by the goats...but he did pet a couple and was curious about them for all of 30 seconds.IMG_0402
Austin loved brushing the goats and was so careful about it. I really liked this particular one because of the ears. Isn't it so cute!?!

I still think these two are the best looking animals there. :-) I was so proud of my boys this day because they were awesome. It was a long day and I know I felt the affects for the rest of the night, so to not have any meltdowns really made it much easier to have fun and enjoy the day! I appreciated this so much, as I'm sure any parent out there can understand!IMG_0378


Julia said...

awww.. so cute! looks like a blast! i can't wait til the weather is nicer and we can go to our zoo.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

kids and animals are the best combination! it's amazing to me they already know how to be gentle and respectful (and yet a little fearful too) all at the same time!

i love your age progression photos on the sidebar! I did a sitting up version with my daughter's duck. I think I stopped at 2 years - when I was trying to capture the same progression for my 2nd! Couldn't leave her out of the fun! -kg