Thursday, April 22, 2010

Standing Up for What's Right

Tonight, I had a conversation with Austin about standing up for what's right, even when we think our friends will laugh.
The other day, Austin's friends across the street had found a bird's nest and somehow, the older brother broke one of the eggs. Austin was pretty sure it was on accident. I found out that he had also held one of the eggs, but that it didn't break. I quickly explained that we NEVER touch a bird nest or the eggs inside and why.

Tonight, the topic came up again and I asked him if he would touch an egg next time he saw one. He said no. Then, I asked what he would do if his friends wanted to touch an egg; would he ask them not to or would he let them do what they wanted? He asked, "what if they laugh at me?" We talked a few minutes about how we would rather the bird egg be ok and that friends that laugh at you for standing up for what's right are not really good friends to begin with. He seemed to understand it, I guess only time will tell if he'll choose to do the right thing or not when it really matters.

We had a similar conversation almost 2 months ago when he didn't want to wear a shirt that he loved, to school. He was worried that kids at school would laugh at him for wearing it. Worrying about what other people think is something that starts so soon!

I want our sons to think for themselves; to know and do what is right, despite what other people think; to be self-confident even during those awkward teenage years; and to be comfortable enough with what they believe in to share that belief with others. The hard part is showing them this and getting it to stick. I can only hope that Brian and I are doing just that.

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