Thursday, April 15, 2010


After taking Austin to school one day, I sat down to check e-mail real quick before taking Colten out back to play. It was a gorgeous day already and I guess he thought I was taking too long.
I heard him banging on the screen to the open living room window. I opened an e-mail and then looked out the kitchen window to see Colten taking off across the backyard (don't worry, it's all fenced in and completely safe!). What in the world??? I thought maybe I hadn't latched the door shut all the way when I let the dogs out, but when I turned around in my chair, I saw it.
The little booger popped the screen out and crawled out the window.

It only gives me a glimpse into what the teen years might be like!

These pictures were taken about 5 minutes later when Brian got up and Colten decided that he'd use the window as a door just for fun, even though the door was wide open at this point.

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