Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Huntin'

On Saturday morning, our church had their Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt. We took Austin to this last year as well, but Colten wasn't exactly old enough to participate.
This year, not only did he get to hunt for eggs, he also got to chow down on some yummy treats while waiting. Proof he is a piggy!
While we waited for the hunt to begin, the church had two bouncers set up, some treats (obviously) for the kids to eat and the Easter Bunny to visit. No, I didn't get Colten to sit on his lap...I meant to, but just got distracted and by the time I thought about it, he was gone. No biggie...he was kind of scary. :-)
Since we had two kids doing the hunt this year, we thought we had to split up. Which meant that Brian wasn't going to be able to see how Colten was for his first Egg Hunt. What we didn't know was that Austin's age group went later than Colten's and he could have come up with us and watched. Bummer!
Despite that, Colten had fun and was very particular about what eggs he would actually pick up and put into his basket. He walked right past a ton of eggs only to pick up a certain one that he had his eye on. I had no idea what it was that would catch his eye, but he knew exactly what he was doing.
Oh, and once he figured out that the eggs actually opened and had treats in them, he would open them and see what was inside before he moved on to the next egg.
Almost like he's a little put off that he had to look up for the camera, huh!
So, since Austin's group went later, I got to take pictures of him hunting for eggs. I was worried that I wouldn't have any since Brian would be with him and I would have the camera. Surprisingly, he was also particular about the eggs he picked up. He ran right past 20 or so eggs to get to a certain area with other eggs. We didn't get it. We kept saying, "Austin, you're runnign right past all these eggs!"
He must have known what he was doing something since he ended up with one of the coveted eggs that had a number in it, meaning he got an extra prize. Nothing too spectacular to us adults (just some novelty items that was Easter themed), but so special to a 5 year old!
The kids had a blast and it was a great morning activity while we waited for Aunt Nancy to come visit.

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