Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How's It Going To Work?

Yep, that's the question going through my mind right now! I know people do it everyday. Other families have 3 kids, other families have kids close together and all in carseats at the same time. I'm not scared of having another one added into our household, but the planner in me is trying to figure it all out now. :-)
I think I'm just trying to figure out how the day to day things are going to get done with the two little ones (I basically imagine them tag-teaming me all day!). I'm trying to figure out how the school drop-off and pick-up is going to go with both of them since Austin will be going to Kindergarten. How to get everything loaded into the car in a reasonable amount of time and how to get everything unloaded and in what order. :-)
I think I have some things figured out, but will just have to wait and see if it works in real life or not. The biggest area I have no clue about is how the evenings will go. You know how crazy that part of the day is. Everyone is starting to get tired, dinner seems to take forever to get done and I'm sure the baby will need to be fed at least once or twice in there! Oh, and did I mention that I don't even expect Brian to get home until dinner is done or even later? Yep, it's back to the realities of military life for us!
I don't think I thought about this stuff as much when pregnant with Colten. I mean, Austin was going to be 4 when he was born, I had Brian at home and I just felt that it wasn't going to be that big of a deal. And it really wasn't. We had a few snags here and there, but nothing bigger than we had when Austin was a baby. It was the normal crying and diaper blowouts to deal with.
So, while I'm not stressing about it (honestly, I'm not), I'm just trying to plan for things and see how it goes. I just think having a plan is much better than flying by the seat of your pants right away. If my plans don't work, then we'll figure something else out.
Anyone have any suggestions as to what worked for them? If you're in the same boat, what do you plan on doing when the going gets tough?


trooppetrie said...

take it day by day. we have gone through 6 deployments and dh leaves any minute, he is waiting on a open flight. With the first deployment it was easier. all i can say is I promise after you do it a few days it will seem normal. i agree arranging who to get out of the car is hard. what kind do you have

Brian and Kerum said...

We have a Honda Odyssey, so we plan on moving the 5 year old to the back and having the two "babies" in the middle row. I think my plan right now is to take baby out first while the 5 year old gets out to watch him (if he's in the carrier, but most of the time he'll be in my Ergo). Last, I'll get our middle son out since he's going to be the most crazy to deal with! :-)

If I remember correctly, you just got to Fort Bragg, right? That's where we are heading.

Alisha Lofgren said...

Kerum, I think you will do just fine! I have a friend right now, she has three girls, the newest addition is 4 months old. Her other girls are 3 and barely 2. Her husband is also deployed. She seems to take it day by day like the first gal mentioned. She puts baby in her sling and puts the other two in the stroller or cart when grocery shopping. The girls play together while she has to nurse baby. It seems to fall into place, it may take a few weeks, but you will get it! Just like when you go from one to two!
We are also thinking about baby three, but waiting until he's back from deployment.
I really think it will all fall into place, you will get a routine down! I mention my friend because I see her just about every day, seems like it's not that bad!
Best wishes on the move!