Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Boys

I think Brian has been thinking about these kinds of nights for a year.  Laying on the couch with his boys and some pizza and a movie playing.  Well, 2 of his 3 boys.  Aiden is still too messy to eat on the couch, even with the towels I put down.  

Aiden got to sit in his chair and watch the movie.  The boys all ate really well though...especially Austin who had FIVE pieces of pizza.  Sure, not the healthiest, but sometimes it's fun to have a pizza and movie night.  Even more fun when it's on a school night.  :-)  Homework went fast and Kung Fu Panda 2 had just come on, so it was perfect.

The boys still got to bed on time and it was a fun night for everyone!  Yep, I think Brian is glad to be back with his boys and looks forward to many more nights like this!  And Mom is happy to see it all as well.  REALLY HAPPY!

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