Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Are Here!

The boys have been WIRED. Seriously, it has been almost unbearable, but I think tomorrow will be better.

We got to the resort right around 4pm, got checked in and went to our room. Walk in and get hit in the face with a stale, stagnant smell that was not good. Brian and I discussed it and both of us were getting headaches, so we called to the front desk and got moved to a different building. MUCH better!

The move set us back on dinnertime, but we got the kids fed, got a few breakfast items for a couple of mornings and headed back to our room. The boys climbed into our HUGE whirlpool tub and "swam" for a while. Then it was time for a surprise from Daddy and Mommy! New Disney pajamas. An unnoticed clue to what tomorrow holds. ;-)

It took a while to get them settled and to sleep, but after rearranging a kid and allowing for separate sleeping room (at least until they fell asleep), they were finally down for the count.

Tomorrow we gave an "owners breakfast" and then we are off to our first park - Disney's Hollywood Studios. We are Westgate timeshare owners, so that's why we are going to the, it's free! :-D Can't beat that!

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