Friday, January 27, 2012

Colten Turns 3!

Today, I am posting a quick picture of the new 3 year old in our family!!! It doesn't really seem that long ago that I was in a warm hospital, snuggling my brand new baby while it iced the heck out of Northwest Arkansas! Poor big brother was stuck in the "cold house" when the power went out and Bobo and Yaya got to keep him warm and occupied! Yep, Colten's appearance is something we will never forget for several reasons!

Colten is a fearless, smart, caring, loving, active boy. Even at a young age he had places to go and people to see! He pulled up and started cruising before 6 months and walked at 8. This made for many bumps and bruises, but that's where fearlessness came in! He may not be as big as his older brother, but he will sure try to keep up with him!

For every ounce of energy, he has twice as much love. I have never seen a 19 month old be as careful with a baby as Colten was when Aiden was born. From the very beginning, he made sure to live up to being that new baby's big brother! He loves on Aiden and is his protector. He guides Aiden when he feels his little brother needs it. Sure, he is showing Aiden how to rumble, but he will make sure that only he and Austin can tackle him!!!

That love doesn't stop with Aiden. While he has gotten a little more leery of strangers than he used to be (thanks goodness!) he will still talk to people when I say it's ok and warms up to people very easily. He is still a Mama's boy, but he's happy to have his Daddy back to love on as well!

The last year, Colten has grown do much with his speech. He has worked really hard on it and while he may not be ip to age appropriate just yet, I am sure he will be soon! He definitely understands more than what he can verbalize right now! It's amazing what you can tell him to do and he'll go and do it.

Colten's 2s may have been a little easier than Austin's, but I think we will see a lot more testing come through in the next year. We have already gotten a taste of it for the past month and if that's any indication, we are in for a challenging year! It will also be fun and surely full of laughter just as the last year has been!

Happy Birthday, Colten! Daddy and Mommy and your brothers love you very much!!!


Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Colten! I hope that the year is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that little guy is three already. What a sweet, precious boy Colten is! Tell him Yaya & Bobo love him very much.