Friday, January 6, 2012

Jan 6 - Skateboarding...or something like that!

It was such a nice day today that quite a few kids in the neighborhood were outside, including our 3!  The older boys were out with their skateboards, at least until they all went into one house to play video games.  They left those skateboards outside and the little kids took over.  ;-)

 The top photo is my photo of the day.  I love this picture!  This is so Colten.  He usually has no fear and just goes head first into everything he does.  I love his passion!
IMG_7267 (1280x854)

 He had so much fun and it was funny to watch him work those legs and arms to get himself moving. 

IMG_7286 (1280x853) Not the sharpest picture, but a picture of a sharp boy!  I love this boy!


Anonymous said...

I love this boy, too! What a precious face.

Anonymous said...

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