Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan 2 - Learning Something New

Tonight, I am up later than I wanted because of this machine.  People, let's just say that when you gasp at the price that people charge to embroider, know that they deserve EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY just by learning how to use the damn machine.  Yes, and I totally cursed on here.  That is just how frustrating it can be!

You'll be happy to know, or either you don't care and you thought I'd actually post interesting pictures on here, that I did get it working.  No, you can't see because it's not the best and I am still working out the kinks.  (Read: it looks crappy and I'm too embarrassed to show it off after hours of trying to figure the thing out!)

So, tomorrow, this will again be on and I will waste yet another old t-shirt.  :-) 

Jen, my friend, you will have your machine figured out soon.  I promise!  Oh, but I will be borrowing it anytime I want!  LOL

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