Monday, January 9, 2012

That Kind of Day

Brian watching the Championship Game tonight.  Yeah, this about sums up the excitement in the Steele House today.  :-)

Today was just the kind of day where not a lot got done and it may not have been exciting, but it was good.  We did our workout, played with the kids, had a good dinner, Austin got to go to Cub Scouts and then we put the boys to bed so Brian could watch the game and I could surf the internet looking at all sorts of stuff.  :-) 

The next few nights will be busy while we get ready for our trip south and figure out our plans for our vacation!  Can't wait!


Ellie said...

Are you homeschooling? I have found I am too busy since stopping homeschooling. I miss it a ton!

Kerum said...

No, homeschool sounds like a great idea when it's just an idea. :-) It's not the right option for our family. Austin, from a very early age, refused to do any learning from us. Seriously, we tried. He would completely shut down and just tell us no. He even went through a stage where he refused to sing. All this changed when he went to pre-school. He needed us for other things and he needed school for the formal learning. He completely blossomed when he went to school and I know it's just what's right for him. Colten is more open to learning from us, but I think he would blossom even more in school. He starts pre-school next year part time at a church down the street from us.

All this to say...there are days when I'm BUSY and then days when I'm not so much. Tuesday/Thursdays are our Speech Therapy days for Colten, but that's our only "structured" activity right now.