Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yep! I'm gonna do it! DAY 1 of 365

This is the year!  I'm going to try, no strike that, I am DOING IT!  I am going to post a picture each and every day of 2012.  Yes, I know that it's been more than 3 months since I posted anything on here.  However, I am determined to document our lives by posting at least one picture a day!  Maybe at the end of 2012, I'll make a book and turn it into a tradition.  We'll see. 

Already, 2012 is starting out much better than 2011.  Last year, we were facing Brian's 3rd year long deployment to Iraq. 
He spent almost all of 2011 away from us and it was pretty tough in so many ways.  However, we made it and now 2012 will be a year of staying put!  Well, staying put in Army terms...which means he may be gone here or there for training or something, but he won't be deployed.

So, for the first picture, I wanted to post the very first picture of us together in 2012.  Ok, there MAY have been a couple of outtakes, but those don't count.  hehehe

Here's to a deployment-free year, a year of family and a year of fun. 

Oh, and I have two other resolutions...
1.  lose weight and get back into shape.  The last year has not been good to my body.  Stress and stress-eating has taken it's toll.  Brian and I are starting P90X again tomorrow (we want our "off day" to be on Sundays).  I also have my gym membership, so I'll do my cardio there on the days that I can with the kids' schedule.  This will be the year of fitness!

2.  pay off debt.  Brian and I saved a lot of his deployment money over the year and addition to a trip to Disney World (which the kids know nothing about until we pull through those Mickey Gates!) we are paying off my van and stacking payments on other debts.  This would be the reason Brian didn't get his motorcycle and he is excited to see the light at the end of our debt tunnel.  It's not big when compared to some people, but it's more than we should have. 

So, there it is, people.  Our New Year written out.  2012 will be awesome!

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Ellie said...

Kerum, here is to a great year! Welcome Home Brian! So glad you are safe and healthy!!!! God Bless! Kerum, lots of new changes here too! Much Love, Ellie