Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 Months - Day 9

Today I am thankful for Aiden. He turned two months old today! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other times it seems like he's just always been apart of our family.

Aiden is just a bit more of a needy baby than the other two were. Either that, or my memory has failed me, which could be more of a possibility! He tends to be happiest wrapped tight in a blanket in your arms. He'll sleep for a bit in his swing or sometimes in his rocker/bouncer, but he sleeps the best (during the day anyway) in Mommy's arms. This isn't the case at night, thank goodness! At night, I can put him in his crib and he'll sleep 4-5 hours for the first stretch, sometimes longer. It helps that his crib is pushed up to our bed and is more of a sidecar type sleeping area, but it's still his own space and he's happy in there.

Aiden is wearing 3-6 month clothes...I have officially put up the 0-3 month stuff. When he wears them, he's in a size 1 disposable diaper. He is usually in cloth though and those I have adjusted just a tiny bit as he's grown a bit.

Our big two month old is definitely more alert now and is smiling a bit and making sounds. He's not very talkative, but he will when he wants and that's just fine with me! Aiden is getting more and more used to tummy time, but hasn't rolled over or anything yet (thank goodness!). He's got very good neck strength and is starting to bat at toys that hang over his his rocker/bouncer chair. Oh, and he's attached to a pacifier instead of his thumb. So far. There are times when he is trying to look for his thumb and sometimes when he actually gets it in his mouth. We'll see what he ends up doing as he gets older.

Aiden had his 2 month appointment today. I don't have exact measurements right now since the doctor we saw didn't have the best personality and we had a rough time in the office. I was just happy to get out of there! I'll see if I can get some unofficial measurements tomorrow and post them. He is about 11 pounds, so that shows how much he's grown!!

I'll have to post his 2 month comparison picture tomorrow when I'm not falling asleep at the computer! :-)

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