Sunday, November 7, 2010

Me Time - Day 7

{Day 7}
I love my kids. I really, really do. But there are sometimes when I just need to get away and be me instead of just Mommy.
Today I got the chance to go out with two friends to a craft fair. Now, it wasn't totally kid-free since I took Aiden with me, but it was as close as it's going to get for a while. Plus, he slept the entire ride down there, the entire time in the fair AND pretty much the entire ride home. Can't get any better than that!
I just have to say that craft fairs like the one today totally inspire me to go out and do all kinds of projects...yeah, with all that spare time I have. :-) I walk from booth to booth thinking to myself, "I could totally do that myself for WAY cheaper." Then I never do. Must be why that person is making the money and I'm the one shopping.
Today, I got just a few things; mostly food items as gifts and a bottle of wine for our family during the holidays. It was nice to just wander around without being begged for toys or telling a certain boy to sit back down despite him being tightly buckled into the cart just 5 seconds ago. Seriously, the only "mom" things I did was nurse Aiden before we left and change a diaper. We drove back home, chatting about things women chat about and then it was back to reality as we pulled into the neighborhood.
So today, I am thankful for stress free shopping and some girl time with friends.


Anonymous said...

Glad you took care of yourself today, Kerum. You deserve it! Love you--Mary

Meg said...

honestly, I know it makes me a better mom when I get away and have time to myself. I love how you put it, time to be me.