Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surprise on Day 10

{Day 10}
Today I am thankful for the surprise that Brian had in store for us! He got to come home today instead of on Friday!
The class Brian was in is supposed to be a 2 week course, however, there just happens to be a holiday weekend during the 2nd week and they were supposed to go to class on Wednesday to take the test, then be off on Thursday, then go in on Friday to pick up their certificates and take a class survey. This is all fine and dandy for those who are living at Fort Lee (the majority of the class). However, for Brian, that means he is stuck in Virginia for 2 extra days just to go to class for, at most, 15 minutes. Not cool in my eyes, but I understood the reasoning once Brian explained it to me.
I had to go to Wal-Mart after Austin got home from school to pick up some things. We were pulling into the driveway when Brian called. I talked to him for a minute or two and then asked if I could call him back after I get the kids and bags in the house. He said to give the phone to Austin instead and as Austin was talking to him, in pulls Brian!
Apparently, they weren't for sure that they were going to be able to release them early, but it did work out that they were able to in the end. Brian thought it would be fun to surprise us and we just loved it!
Now, Brian being Brian, that wasn't the only surprise he had in store. Oh no...he had gone and bought something as well. I guess the promotion to Major gives him this impression that we have a lot more money now or something since he has been on a bit of a spending spree lately!
So, he walks in and puts a box on the table that contained a new xBox (since ours/his keeps shutting off in the middle of playing) and Kinect. Yep, he couldn't help it. It just sounded too cool and he just had to have it.
I do have to admit that it's pretty cool. He and Austin were playing with it before bedtime and after we put the kids to bed, I got to play around with it a bit as well. It's really cool and just amazing how it works.
New toy or not, I'm just glad to have my husband back for the weekend. No, he's not going anywhere after the weekend, but he might as well be! He'll be starting back on long hours next week since his unit is still helping with training. I am just thankful that it's only another week and that at least he'll be here in the evenings to chat with and spend time with. I missed my husband!

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