Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26 - The Day After

The day after Thanksgiving has its own traditions that go along with it. Going out at crazy hours to get the best deal, watching football all day, eating lots of yummy leftovers, decorating for the holidays. I'm sure that other families have other traditions, but these are just a few of the major ones.

I'm thankful for our family's traditions. The football games are on all day, leftovers are pulled out multiple times, and all the Christmas boxes are pulled down. Our house starts getting dressed for the holidays inside and out. Well, as long as we are actually home on this day. Some years we are in Arkansas or Missouri and in that case, we decorate as soon as we get home.

Brian wasn't able to start putting lights on the house because of rain, but I think he has plans to do it tomorrow. Well, at least until the Razorback game is on. :-) He usually gets them done as soon as he can. While we were looking at houses, one of the things he thought about for each house was what it would look like with lights on it. He's been planning and figuring out what he's going to do since moving in. He is a Clark Griswold at heart...he really is. However, he's also pretty money conscious, so the electric bill that would have to be paid after the holidays always keeps him in check. :-)

So, I'm thankful for having my family home today and going through the decorations with the boys. We put up one tree this evening and it was so fun to see them figure out the best place for each ornament. I can't wait until we get the live tree tomorrow so we can go through all the "family ornaments" since it's so much fun to remember who gave them to us and when we got them.

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