Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 Months Young

Oh are two months old now. Well, you are a few days older, but I am just now getting around to taking and posting your photos. You and your brothers just keep me so busy!

Right now, you are usually a pretty serious kid.
But when you want to smile,
You really smile! Which, always makes Mommy and Daddy smile.
It's sort of contagious like that, isn't it?
At 2 months, you are obviously smiling. This makes us happy since now you are interacting with us. You also are fine with tummy time now, but only if you're in a good mood. You have fallen asleep twice during tummy time and those have been great naps. Mommy is just too scared to let you sleep on your tummy any other time.
You have moved up into 3-6 month clothes. Some of this is because you were trying to push your feet through your 0-3 month sleepers and the onsies definitely didn't fit you anymore and some of it is because cloth diapers are just a tad bulkier than disposables and you need the extra room.
You still love to be swaddled and warm. However, you aren't as affected by the cold as you were before. You don't scream through your baths anymore and I can have you in a sleeper without a blanket for a little bit before you want to be wrapped up again. I'm very thankful for the big swaddling blankets that we received before you were born. They are getting used all the time!
You don't seem to have any interest in rolling over...thank goodness! When you are on the floor during tummy time, you do scoot a bit, but I am hopeful that you will not be as mobile as soon as your bigger brother, Colten, was. Maybe you'll give Mommy a little bit of a break?
You are still happiest in someone's arms. However, you will sit in your swing for a bit and even fall asleep in it sometimes. We are needing to change the batteries for it though, so sometimes it won't swing you for long. You also like sitting in your bouncer/rocker for a bit. There are toys hanging over the seat and you are starting to hit at them. Good thing Colten has bent the toy bar so that you can reach them! :-)
It's so much fun to watch you grow...but please don't grow up too fast!

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Anonymous said...

This is a PRECIOUS baby boy! I just love him to pieces. Looks more like Colten to me right now--but has Austin's grin! YaYa