Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Plans - Day 20

Today, I am thankful for my husband, Brian. I am always thankful for him, but today I am even moreso. This week hasn't been the easiest. Austin was sick for 2 days, then Friday morning I woke up early (way too early) with the same stomach bug that he had. That afternoon, Colten woke up from his nap with the same bug.

Not only had Brian stayed home that day to help with Colten (actually take Colten out of the house so I could get some rest and some errands could be done), he also picked up the downstairs before I got up that morning so I wouldn't feel the need to do anything while feeling bad. I guess he didn't realize that I was feeling so bad that I didn't care one bit what the house looked like, but it was nice to see the kitchen cleaned and the living room floor picked up.

After Colten got sick, I was finally told that he also had big plans for my birthday. However, with Colten getting sick, those plans probably needed to be canceled. My wonderful husband had planned a surprise party for my 30th birthday. Friends had been invited, a plan to get me out of the house was already in the works, and North Carolina BBQ had been ordered as well.

I love that he planned all this and I know it would have been so much fun! One little bug messed up those plans, but today turned out pretty good anyway. I woke up feeling much better, in fact, I woke up starving. A trip to Waffle House for breakfast, a stroll through Wal-Mart toy department with the boys (for Christmas ideas, not a thing was bought), some NC BBQ that Brian went and got anyway, and an ice cream cake for dessert. A day with my family. What more could a girl want? Brian made sure that this day was special despite the canceled plans.

Tomorrow, while not my birthday, I will still get to go out to lunch and a movie with a friend. Brian is staying home with 2 of the kids while I bring the little one with me (he hasn't had a lot of time on the bottle and I really don't want to leave Brian with a baby who won't eat). I look forward to the afternoon out and being able to have some adult time with another girl! :-)

So, thank you, Brian. For everything you have done this weekend (and every other day as well!). You are an awesome husband!

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Ellie said...

Happy Birthday and Way to Go Brian! Colin's been amazing since I have been so sick this pregnancy as well. Amazing how they step up! Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy the movie tomorrow!