Thursday, November 4, 2010

Staying Warm

{Day 4}
There are some days when the littlest things brighten your day. Today, after my last appointment at the off-post OB that I saw for Aiden, I went to Old Navy. I was looking for a fleece jacket for Colten since he needs something a little warmer than the jacket that he has, but I didn't want something too bulky for his carseat. They didn't have their performance fleece jackets in yet ('s November, why not???), but all the outerwear they did have was on sale.
I found this wool blend coat and just loved it. I like that it looks really nice but is still functional with the hood. It's not too bulky like the coat I have, so I'll be warm, but still be able to move and have my diaper bag on my shoulder without it falling off. Very important stuff, you know!

I also splurged and got a red scarf to go with it. I had a couple of scarves at home, but they're looking a little worn and there's just something about a really great, long, red scarf.
So, today I am thankful for finding a great coat and actually buying it for myself! I know, nothing profound or special, but something that brightened my day and there are just days when you need that!

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