Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Wrap-Up

Halloween was so much fun for the kids...well, at least for the older two! Aiden didn't really care much and fell asleep at some point in the night.
Our boys were dressed up as:
a Cardinals baseball player
Iron Man
and our little pumpkin
I didn't get many picture of Austin trick or treating. He was way too quick and was running here and there with his friends (and their parents who could keep up since they weren't pulling a wagon or pushing a stroller). They were usually running away from a house as Colten was walking up to it.
Here's Aiden going along for the ride.
This is how Colten got around ... we knew he'd tire pretty quickly if he walked all night.
One of the first houses.
One of the scariest houses they went to. There was one house we didn't let them go to. People, chain saws are for cutting down trees and for adult haunted houses...not scaring little kids while they trick or treat!
Standing in front of the house that DID produce tears as a guy jumped out from behind the coffin and scared one of the kids. This was the before picture.
Halloween was a blast and they got way too much candy. I'm pretty sure we'll have some well into the Spring if I don't throw it away before then!

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