Friday, November 12, 2010

Quality Time - Day 12

{Day 12}
Today I am thankful for quality time. Brian was able to go and have lunch with Austin at his school. We definitely wanted him to do this before the deployment and today just seemed like a great day to do it. I'm glad they were able to have that quality time together without the interruption of little brothers or mom. Brian was telling me all about eating with Austin and two other boys who are Austin's friends. It's pretty funny to hear about the conversations about girls chasing them, pulling their pins (a discipline thing their teacher does) and all the things boys talk about.
On a side note, it was really funny this morning at how embarrassed Austin was about not having his lunch with him. I told him that we didn't have enough time to pack his lunch and that Iwould do it after he got on the bus and then I'd bring it to school for him. He kept saying that I couldn't do that and that it was different when he had forgotten it. He also kept offering to help me make his lunch so that I'd have enough time. He was really worried that he wasn't going to be bringing his lunch with him. Apparently, as it got closer to lunchtime, he got even more worried that I hadn't dropped off his lunch yet. I'm sure he was pretty stressed and then seeing his Daddy made it all worth it.
Today, I also got to have quality time with Brian, even with the two littles tagging along. :-) We went out to Toys R Us to get some ideas for Christmas for the boys. It was nice to walk around the store with him and see him really put thought into gifts for his kids. I'm glad he's getting to do it this year, since he might not next year.
As we were pulling through the gate to get onto post, the gate guard actually said that he loved seeing the quality time...especially with the deployments gearing up again. I don't know how he knew, or if he just took a guess, but this is precious time we are on here. I'm sure I've said it before, but every second counts at this point. Quality time is always huge, but when you know you won't see a loved one for a year, it's even more important!

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